Stop Throwing Your Money after Bad Traffic

Online Marketing has changed. Low-Quality clicks are worthless. Leads that convert... that's priceless.

Don't just buy Solo Ads. Work with someone that knows how to turn highly targeted clicks into money in your pocket. Let us do the work while you focus on what's important.  

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"I can't say enough good things about Brian's solo ads"

"Super awesome, super-clean traffic...he took care of everything..."

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My name is Brian Collier and I drive high quality traffic to your affiliate offer through solo ads

Traffic is one of the hardest and most confusing challenges most affiliate marketers will ever run in to.

How do I know this?

Because I started in 2010 trying to make money online. I was able to pick great products, craft top-notch offers, and wizard a high-converting funnel into existence.... but almost no one came. I couldn't figure out how to get people to my funnel for the life of me.

I tried blogging, video creation, backlinking, SEO, social media Nothing worked...And I was losing money.

And the creation of FB ads, Youtube, and Google Adsense just made things 1000x more confusing -- and expensive.

I lost 46 Facebook ad accounts and tens of thousands of dollars before I finally said, "There has to be a better way."

It wasn't until I stumbled onto the concept of email list-building that I started to get some people to buy my products.

It was better. But building an email list through Google, SEO, blogging and all the other usual channels was so time-consuming, expensive, and precarious that it hardly seemed worth it. 

That's when I discovered Solo Ads and the power they have to transform your business.

I started years ago, but the same traffic problems I had then continue to haunt almost all affiliate marketers to this day. Everyday I see new and old marketers alike making the same mistakes I made back in 2010. 

I want to help you

That's why I decided to offer you the BEST traffic strategy that you can use today to start making money, and help you by driving high-quality, targeted traffic for you to your landing page.

Here's how I just 4 Steps:

1. You send me the link to your landing page

2. I write some custom creative (aka email ad copy) to get people excited to head to your landing page

3. I email your custom creative to my own email list, filled with subscribers who are already interested in products and services just like yours

4. You sit back and watch the (guaranteed) real visitors start rolling in to your site, opting in to your forms and seeing what you are selling...or I won't take your money!

"I was amazed at the quality of the leads..."

"The service was amazing... I couldn't recommend him higher."

On-time Delivery

Your deadline is very important to me. I will make sure your campaign will begin and end on-time, as if it were my own.

Clean traffic, guaranteed

I use high-level filtering to weed out any and all bots and non-email traffic that might have found its way onto my list. If I do miss any that gets through, I will continue sending traffic until you get all the real, genuine clicks you paid for!

Fast Responsive Help

Get more than just "clicks" with me.  I can help you with your email copy, campaign strategy, capture pages and more. Reach out and I'll do what I can to help your campaign succeed.

First time? VIP treatment!

First time buyers with me will get the "first-time buyer" discount. It's my way of saying thank you for giving me a chance to win your business.

Free Email Swipe

Terrified of copywriting? Don't want to write your own solo ad email? I've got your back. Just show me what product you are selling and I will write a high-converting solo ad at no extra charge!

Free Tracking Report

I want you to understand the traffic that you are getting. I will send you a detailed tracking report breaking down your clicks  after every campaign so you know where your money went!

My Traffic is 90% Tier-1 

Most of my list is comprised of targeted leads from English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand) where most people have a higher income potential, access to credit cards, and a financial system that allows for higher spending.

This is perfect for online and affiliate marketers like you!

Get your clicks- Guaranteed

Don't gamble on risky solo ad providers. I guarantee you will get the exact amount of clicks you ordered (usually more) from targeted quality sources. You get what you pay for. 

First-Time Buyer Discount - Get an extra 10% clicks for FREE!

As my way of saying thank you for trusting me, I will send an extra 10% clicks over what you ordered, no matter how many you buy. Buy 500 clicks, get 550. Buy 2000 clicks, get 2200.  Again, just my way of showing you I will go above and beyond to win your business.

"I made 4 sales!"

"I truly am grateful for what Brian is doing... he held my hand all the way through...He just does fantastic work"

Promoting Igor's 301K Challenge?

**Special Offer for Students of Igor Kheifets**

I'm looking to team up with Serious List Builders to help you promote Igor's 301K AND build your email list. 

Start building your list without worrying about the tech and copywriting portion of funnel building.

I'll set up a personalized Done-For-You Funnel 301K for FREE, so you can get started building your list right away as fast and as easy as possible!

What Your Done-For-You Funnel includes:

  • High-Converting Capture Page built to maximize opt-in rate to your email list, create killer interest, and jump-start your sales
  • Full Autoresponder Integration   
  • Video Bridge Page with Pre-Sell Video recorded by Igor himself to create excitement and prime your leads to want to buy 
  • Personalized Bridge Page built to introduce you as an a authority, top digital marketer, and friend of Igor's, embedded with your Affiliate Links 

Interested in building your List in the  FASTEST, EASIEST way by having ME do the boring work for you?? 

Choose a Solo Ad package that fits your ambition and your budget!

There's a traffic package for every marketer and a marketer for every traffic package. Big or small, rich or poor, you will be able to find a package that fits for you. For any questions, please email me at

All Packages include the Following:

  • Free Detailed Traffic Report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)

2,000 Clicks


  • 2000 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.60 CPC 
  • 301K Funnel Personalized and Setup
  • 95% Top-Tier Bump

1,000 Clicks


  • 1000 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.65 CPC 
  • 301K Funnel Personalized and Setup
  • 95% Top-Tier Bump

500 Clicks


  • 500 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.70 CPC 

300 Clicks


  • 300 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.70 CPC 

200 Clicks


  • 200 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.70 CPC 

100 Clicks


  • 100 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.75 CPC 

Still unsure about how to start? get a FREE solo ad consultation... with no obligation"

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1. I guarantee you’ll receive the exact amount of clicks you ordered (or more). If you end up with fewer clicks than promised, I will keep sending traffic until you’ve got what you paid for (or more!).

2. I guarantee you’ll receive only real quality traffic and no fake clicks. If some fake clicks slip through the cracks, I’ll resend those clicks at no charge to you. Either get real traffic or don’t pay!

3. I guarantee to work my ass off to ensure your satisfaction. I can’t guarantee sales, but I’ll do everything humanly possible to get you real traffic, on time and help you through any challenges that may come up.

Have a Q?   I got your A right here...

How long until my traffic starts to run?

If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will deliver your order within 24 hours or less.

If you have a launch with specific date needs or quickly approaching deadline, contact us at 

Is Your Traffic Top-Tier? USA only?

Yes, our standard traffic is 90%+ Tier-1 traffic (from the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia). Customers in these countries have  a higher average income, ability to spend money, and easy access to payment methods, which means they are far and away the best geographic groups to target. As well, they speak English which helps greatly in converting your offer.

However we also hold a special list of 100% United States only traffic if you need it. Let us know at and we will set you up. 

Which offers can I  advertise to with you?

Our lists at this time are geared toward Make Money Online (MMO), Business Opportunity, MLM, and Internet Marketing.

Are there any guarantees?

While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to a fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well known for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns. To increase your chances to score those sales further, I will also provide you with an extra 10% over delivery, on the house.

If you really want to increase your chances of success, we can provide different packages that include custom email swipes, landers, capture strategies, funnels, and  much more cohesive marketing approach. Contact us at and we can make that happen. 

Do I need to provide you with email copy?

If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will carefully analyze it and write the best copy that will resonate with my list for you, for free. If you insist on using your own copy for any reason, please message me with further details and I will consider it.

How much of your traffic is mobile?

I have different list segments, with both mobile and desktop traffic available. If you’re specifically interested in one or the other, contact me at and we will hook you up with the segment you’re looking for.

How can I keep track of my order?

If you are experienced in Internet Marketing and have your own tracker that you prefer, that is great. If you don't have a tracker, we will happily set up a tracker for you for free  so you can track your clicks in real-time.

How many clicks can I buy?

I offer packages of up to 2,000 clicks, but if your offer is a good fit, I am willing and capable of delivering well beyond that. If you are looking to place a large order of 10,000 clicks, 15,000 clicks, or more, contact our team at and we will discuss further details.

Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?

We guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting unique clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor - not per click. If
a visitor clicks on your link twice or three times, you will only pay for him or her once, with the rest of the clicks received for free.

What is the source of your clicks?

Placing an order with us allows you exclusive access to hot email lists of fresh, engaged solo ad prospects.

How can I track opt-in rate?

As the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking your opt-in rate. You will be able to access it on your end if you are building your own list, or with the product provider if someone else follows up with your leads for you.

If you don't have a capture page or opt-in tracker built already, we will happily  build you one and install it.  Contact us at

Who can I contact for more info?

For any questions you have, you can contact our team at

Interested but still not sure?

Feel free to send me a message on Facebook Messenger and I'll answer any questions you may have.

My Terms and Conditions

  • I will work hard to ensure your satisfaction through my Triple Traffic Guarantee, but I don’t guarantee sales from my traffic.
  • Your order will start within 24 hours of order submission. You will receive an email from me notifying you it started and another one notifying you it ended.
  • If I don’t feel your offer is a good fit with my audience, I will not accept it. This is to ensure the my list gets offers that are consistent with their interests, and so that you don't waste money on traffic to a less targeted audience.
  • You will receive 90% top tier traffic and 10% world wide traffic. My standard rates apply to 90% top-tier traffic only.  If you’re promoting an USA/North America exclusive offer, please let me know when you contact me so we can talk about options.
  • I reserve the right to use my own email creative. If you absolutely insist on using your own creative, please let me know when you contact me and  we can make a plan from there.

Have Questions, Email Us!

Have Questions, Email Us!

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